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Welcome Note

Darasamuth Phuket School English Programme (EP) was established in 2002. We currently have EP classes for students from Kindergarten grade 2 to Prathom Grade 6. In IEP, we have classes from KG1 to Mathayom 3.

The goal of the EP is to provide students with a rich education and enjoyable experience of the English language, that they can use in both academic and practical arenas. In EP, we provide a robust curriculum that combines both the Thai Ministry of Education and British national curriculum standards.

We believe that variety in teaching materials and methodology is essential to the educational well-being of our students. Our ethos is student-centred as we respond to the needs and abilities of each child in. Our teachers are experienced and well-qualified and constantly update their skills through regular training and professional development. At Darasamuth, we want the learning experience to be enjoyed by students and teachers alike, so that learning takes place in a positive, vibrant environment.

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Darasamuth English Programme News


9/12/14 - Triathlon Acheivements

Congratulations to Rayne in EP2 and Daengmo in EP5 who both completed the Laguna Triathlon at Thanyapura at the weekend. Especially well done to Daengmo as she finished 2nd in her age group. Congratulations to you both! 



2/12/14 - Father's Day

We will celebrate Father's Day on Thursday 4th December, with a ceremony and activities at the following times:

KG - P3 

8:30 - 10.00


P4 - M3  

13:30 - 15:30


The school will be closed on Friday 5th December.

Happy Father's Day!



24/11/14 - Darasamuth Student featured in Thailand Tourist Authority Video

We are very proud of one of our EP6 students, Jaran, who was asked by the Tourist Authority of Thailand to promote Phuket to young tourists. You can see the video he made here: 


More information can be found here:  http://app.boundround.com/areas/phuket.html


We are very impressed by Jaran's presentation skills, but I'm not quite sure why coming to Darasamuth School is not in his top 5 things to do in Phuket! Well done, Jaran!



21/11/14 - P5 Product Advertisements

EP5 worked very hard to create and present their own television advertisements, demonstrating their understanding of the need to target consumers through promotion, pricing and marketing strategies. The students presented their advertisements through the computer camera and this was projected for the rest of the class to see. Make sure to check our "Examples of Students' Work" page, our Facebook page or Youtube channel for more examples of students' work.




19/11/14 - Celebrating Achievement


Congratulations to Kitty in IEP 1/6 who came first in the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival Competition for piano.


Congratulations also to the following students who did very well in the Pattalung Taekwondo Super Championship:


Fasai (1/6) Gold

Smart (1/8) Gold

Tier (3/5) Silver

Captain (5/7) Gold




10/11/14 - School Closure Due To Asian Beach Games

Please note that the school will be closed on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November, because of the Asian Beach Games.

We are open as normal on Monday 17th November.

Enjoy the games!




31/10/14 - Happy Halloween!


Many of our students dressed up and joined in our Halloween celebrations. It was great to see the hard work that some students (and parents!) had put into their costumes. Students went trick or treating, played spoooooky halloween games and watched some very scary movies.




09/10/14 - Morning Workout!


We have a morning assembly in English, Monday to Thursday, with our EP and IEP classes. Each Thursday we have a short exercise / aerobics session to help wake everybody up (including the teachers!) and to enhance readiness for learning. It's also another opportunity for students to follow instructions in English and to have fun!




03/10/14 - Competition Results


Congratulations to our students who took part in the recent academic competitions in Phuket.


AJ in P5 achieved a 100% score in the P4-P6 spelling bee, winning first place and a gold award. Nop in P6 scored 93% in the P4-P6 multi-skills competition, achieving first place and a gold award. Both of these students will represent Phuket in the southern provinces round of the competitions that take place in December.


Aina in P3 achieved a gold award with 90% and came in second place in the P1-P3 spelling bee; Janis in P6 achieved a gold award with 84% and came in second place in the P4-P6 story telling competition; Pim in M1 achieved a bronze award and came in second place in the M1-M3 impromptu speech competition; and Wenjelyn in M3 achieved a gold award and came in second place in the M1-M3 multi skills competition.


We are very proud of all of our students that entered the competitions and would like to thank their teachers and parents for helping them to prepare.




08/09/14 - Darasamuth Phuket Annual English Camp


On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th September, a group of over 200 of our students from P4-P6 in Thai Programme, IEP and English Programme joined together for this year's English Camp at Phuket Orchid Resort in Karon.


The students and teachers had fun through activities such as sand-sculpting, designing masks from recycled materials, creating flags to represent imaginary countries and song writing. The students were involved in a show on the Friday evening, where they presented their masks, showing not only their creative skills, but also their ability in speaking English. As they wrote their own lyrics to a song, they were also able to come together to sing it, with the ending refrain, 'Fluent or not, English Camp rocks!'




25/08/14 - Maths Competition Success

Congratulations to Simya (Palita Kahapana) in EP4, who did very well in a maths competition on 24.08.14. She took part in the New Arithmetic Development Agency (NADA) competition and received a trophy for 3rd place in the junior section. Sister Daranee presented her with the trophy in our morning assembly. Well done, Simya!




21/08/14 - More Taekwondo Successes


Congratulations to our students who entered the Taekwondo competition in Phuket Shopping Mall on 20.08.14.


Fasai in 2/5 received a bronze medal, Namwan in 2/6 received a silver medal, Tier in 3/5 received a gold medal and Tan in 4/6 received a bronze medal.


Well done all of you! 



19/08/14 - Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to our students who represented Thailand in the 3rd SeongNam Open International Taekwondo Championships. Miw (Apichaya Pangphet) in 3/6 won a gold medal and Un (Pitiporn Phengpet) in 6/7 won a bronze medal. Well done, girls!


Congratulations also go to Alex (Alexandre Pierron) in 4/6 who won first place in the Phuket Tennis Championships. He will now go on to represent Phuket in the Thailand Championships. Good luck, Alex - we are very proud of you!



08/08/14 - Mother's Day Celebrations


Thank you to all parents, carers and friends of the school who joined us for our Mother's Day celebrations on Friday 8th August. Following the Thai ceremony, we had our annual Mother's Day Show, which was a great success. Singing, dancing, acting and a bit of magic lit up the stage as EP and IEP students performed to a crowded room of excited guests.


We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. If you weren't able to be there, videos will soon be posted on our YouTube page.


I would like to thank all of our hard-working teachers for their efforts in preparing students for the show and congratulate all of the students for demonstrating not only their star qualities, but also some fantastic English skills!

Well done, Darasamuth!



04/08/14 - Golf Tournament


Congratulations to brothers Ten (EP6) and Kopper (EP4) who did very well in a golf tournament in Takua pa. Ten won the trophy for second place and Kopper won first place! We are very proud of their achievements. Well done, boys!



04/08/14 - Maxploys Southern Provinces Crossword


In the Maxploys Southern Provinces Crossword competition at Jungceylon, Patong on 2nd and 3rd August, students from our school were extremely successful.


The points from all of our students who entered were added up and they were presented a trophy for second place. Nop and Faisal in EP6 worked together as a team and came in 3rd place. Un in IEP6/7 entered the competition with a friend from another school and together they won first place. The students were presented their medals and trophies in the EP/IEP assembly by Sister Srivieng.


Well done to all of those that entered.


29/07/14 - New Member

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Teacher Kate on Thursday, who has worked at the school for 3 years. Teachers, students and parents will miss her, but we would like to thank her for all of her hard work and wish her all the best in her new job. Good luck, Teacher Kate!


We are very happy to welcome Teacher Bea as the new KG3 home room teacher. Bea is from Wales in the UK and has already been in the school for 2 weeks, ensuring a smooth handover.


15/07/14 - Road Safety

The winners of our recent Road Safety competition were announced on Thursday 10th July.


Students in grades P4-P6 in the English Programme have been involved in designing road safety posters to display in and around the school. Their intended audience was both students in the school and the adults that drop them off.


The students learn about health and safety in their home room classes and also as part of their Health curriculum. Persuasive writing and different text-types are also studied in English.


Most students were quick to point out some of the health hazards that can be seen on the roads of Phuket, particularly the amount of people who don’t wear a helmet. As the winning poster says, “Wear a helmet or smash your head!”


We were impressed by the students' creativity and it was difficult to choose winners, whose posters will be displayed around the school parking areas. Let's hope they make a difference and make Phuket's roads safer for us all!


The winners were:


1st place - 3 golden time stars - Nop, Fong, Ten and Luck (P6)

2nd place - 2 golden time stars - Aryaman (P5)

3rd place - 1 golden time star - Phupa and Win (P5)


Runners up - 20 team points each - Un (P4), Lyuba (P4), Anna (P4), Dear (P6)



15/07/14 - Taekwondo champs


Congratulations to our students who did very well in recent Taekwondo contests in Surat Thani. The following students were presented with their medals and certificates in our school assembly:

Toss IEP1/5 - Silver

Viva IEP2/6 - Gold

Mew IEP3/6 - Gold

Wawee IEP 4/6 - Silver

Un IEP6/7 - Gold

Well done - we are proud of you!



12/06/14 - Wai Kru Day 2014

We had a great day in school on Thursday 12th June as we celebrated Wai Kru day. Students presented their teachers with flowers in two very moving ceremonies. We are blessed to have such respectful children in our school. Thank you Darasamuth students. Make sure to check our facebook page for all of the photos from the day.



10/06/14 - Taekwondo champions

Congratulations to our Taekwondo champions, who did very well in a competition in Pha Nga. Smart in EP1/8, Toss in IEP1/5, Fasai in IEP2/5 and Captain in IEP5/7 all received medals and certificates. Well done!!


09/06/14 - Winning Spirit

Well done to Tan in IEP 4/6 who recently won a gold and a bronze medal in a Taekwondo competition. He was presented with his medals and certificates by Sister Daranee in the EP / IEP assembly.


09/05/14 - Musical Achievements

Congratulations to Ung, who will be in IEP 5 this year. He won the first place out of all the southern provinces in the Electone solo competition, as part of the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2014. He then went on to win second place in the national round, which was held at Aksra Theatre in Bangkok. We are very proud to have such a talented musician in our school.


12/03/14 - Our Song World tour Stops at Darasamuth Phuket School


Please have a look at our short video that follows the progress of our recent music project.


It was very successful and the songs the students wrote were beautifully presented in a performance in front of EP and IEP students and some parents and friends. Thank you Tom Tafejian and Teacher Judge for doing such a wonderful job in inspiring our students to create their own songs. Thank you also Teacher Greg for putting together the short film and capturing moments from the whole process. Well done to all of the students involved. You were very brave to perform in front of everyone and we really believe you can "change the world."



07/03/14 - P6 Achievements


Congratulations to all of our EP and IEP P6 students who did very well on their recent entrance tests for Mathayom 1 in other schools. Well done especially to Gen in EP 6 who achieved the highest score of all entrants in the Science and Maths test for Satree Phuket School. We wish them all the best of luck in their new schools and hope they will continue to be outstanding students.



04/03/14 - Teacher Mike completes his PGCEi!


Congratulations to Teacher Mike, who has been awarded a PGCEi, an internationally recognised teaching qualification from The University of Nottingham in the UK.


Teacher Mike worked hard to keep up with his studies whilst still teaching full time and was very happy to receive a pass with merit. He is from the UK and started working at Darasamuth in 2012. He will continue working in Darasamuth School next year, teaching English to our IEP students.


We have several fully qualified teachers in our team of foreign teachers at Darasamuth and have three other teachers who are working on achieving this qualification. As a school, we are lucky to have a team of dedicated and qualified foreign teachers who are constantly improving their skills. This is good news for all of our students!



25/02/14 - Number 1 in Thailand!


AJ Grosvenor, a student in P4 in the English Programme has just won first place in a national spelling competition. He was given a gold medal at the competition which took place in Bangkok on 19th February 2014.


He won first place in the Phuket round, then first place again in the southern provinces round and completed his hat trick by ranking first in the whole country. AJ achieved the same position last year, in the P1-P3 group. This year it was much more difficult as it was the P4-P6 group, so there were much older children for him to compete against. He managed a score of 85% which is fantastic at this level.


We are all very proud of him. Well done, AJ!



18/02/14 - Valentines Day Concert


Teachers at Darasamuth entertained the students in our annual Valentine's Day show. The show raises money for the poor in Takua Pa. A range of teachers were involved in singing and dancing to entertain the students, who bought roses to give to their favourite performers. The Filipino teachers did a love song medley including Mariah Carey and Madonna as well as showing off some great dance moves. The Native English teachers delivered their own version of Dance with Me Tonight, by Olly Murs. Teacher Saul took the lead and other teachers supported him with their dance moves. The full videos can be seen on our YouTube channel at the link below or on our Facebook page.





07/02/14 - Gymnasium Blessing


Students were involved in a blessing ceremony for the new gymnasium on Friday 7th February. We are very grateful for the donations parents have made already. We still welcome donations to help build the new gymnasium.


28/01/14 - 3rd Place in Golf Tournament


Congratulations to Ten in P5 who won third place in the 38th President Cup golf tournament at Phuket Country Club. His trophy was presented to him in the morning assembly, as his classmates cheered. Well done, Ten!



9/1/14 - Upcoming Music Project


We are very excited about an upcoming music project at the school, that will run in February. Tom Tafejian, a teacher and musician from the USA is starting a world tour of schools to help children express themselves through music. We are very much looking forward to this project and are keen to see and hear the results of the songwriting workshops.


More details of the project can be found here:



and here:



You can also donate to Tom's Kickstarter page to help make his goal a reality:


Darasamuth Facebook Page